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Starlink satellite close conjunction forecast

Results from latest analysis of positions : searching for near misses (< 1 km) over the next 24 hours. Includes nearest approaches to ISS and CSS regardless of distance

near conjunctions forecast
UTC Distance (km) Obj1 Obj2 ΔAlt kmh
2022-01-18T02:25:26.059Z (intl. Space Station)
2022-01-17T19:46:48.569Z (China Space Station)

Forecast run at: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 18:20:30 UTC

About: twice a day the latest TLEs (fixes) are propagated forward if necessary by 1/100th of a second steps to identify the closest any pair of satellites will be to each other. Since TLEs contain a small amount of position uncertainty and the orbit propagation model is also slightly imperfect the identified near pass may be inaccurate. In addition, satellites undergoing thrust currently will not be placed correctly hours into the future.