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Updates (latest first)

* 1st March - store a lat/long in settings to set a home point and have the map move there and zoom in by default. Use negatives if Latitude is SOUTH or Longtitude is WEST. Number of satellites within 45 degree view is continuously displayed. Much bugs fixed.

* 28th Feb - selected satellite (clicking on left label) shows on globe in green. You can also click a moving satellite on the globe to focus in same way. Satellites on same orbit (lead follow) show in yellow when one is selected. Links from ground stations open apple maps on IOS. Fixed a bug where launches 1 and 2 sats had stale data. Added constellation layout scatter plot.

* 27th Feb - maybe got mentioned somewhere, too much traffic all at once took site offline so fixed nginx config.

* 17th Feb - disable ground station display in settings. Filter by orbital planes in settings. Try 320-360 (degrees), for example.


How to use

Most preferences can be set (persistently stored) using the cog (settings) link at the top. You can increase performance by turning off rings, turning off ground station dots and filtering for active satellites.

Mouse: click hold and drag to move globe, zoom in with scroll wheel or two finger touch pad move. Zoom for more detail.

Mobile: use normal touch operations to move and zoom/unzoom globe

Circles show the approx area of usability with 45 degree max elevation

Map is live from latest observational data from space track dot org.

Red satellite labels (marked with yellow rings on map) are out of altitude vs 550km target. Either de-orbiting to burn up, or recently launched

hover or touch individual names on the list to move to the satellite and check how old the data is, norad name, and pop up an altitude graph

touch ground station names on the right to pop up an apple or google map of the exact location

Enter your home address in lat/long form (note the numbers must be negative f you need to enter West or South numbers) to enable default display of your immediate satellites and view count


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